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Earthwork in cutting to form formation and earthwork in filling to form embankment/ sub-bank and construction of minor bridges, Retaining wall, RCC drain and other ancillary work between chainage KM 15.860 to KM 16.380 at Hortoki Yard in connection with the construction of new BG Railway line from Bairabi to Sairang (Mizoram)  

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Corrigendum Description

NORTHEAST FRONTIER RAILWAY (Construction Organisation) C O R R I G E N D U M No. 01 TENDER NOTICE NO. CON/2017/AUG/03 Dated 03.08.2017 (TWO PACKET SYSTEM) The following changes have been made in the TENDER NO.CE/CON/B-S/EMB/2017/11 as published vide Tender Notice No. CON/2017/AUG/03 Published as To be read as Similar nature of work means : Earthwork in Embankment and in cutting. Similar nature of work means : Earthwork in cutting / filling and RCC / Concrete work in Minor Bridges / Retaining wall / Drain etc. All other terms & conditions remain unchanged. for Chief Engineer/Con - II N..F.Railway,Maligaon. for & on behalf of the President of India BE A PARTNER IN THE TURNAROUND OF INDIAN RAILWAYS