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Tender No.



Name of the Work

Construction of office building, godown shed dismantling of Godown No.2,3,4 & renovation of Godown No.7,8 & 9 including other ancillary works in the premises of SSE/Signal/CON/PNO.  

Corrigendum No.



Corrigendum Date



Corrigendum Description

1. Tender notice No. published as CON/2017/July/01/MLG-1 dtd. 30.07.2018 to be read as CON/2018/July/01/MLG-1 dtd. 30.07.2018.

2. Tender No. published as CON-Office-Bldg-Reno-18-01 to be read as CON-OfficeBldg-Reno-18-01.

3. Date/Time of opening of tender published as 11.00 hrs. on 03.09.2018 at the office of the General Manager/Construction/N. F. Railway, Maligaon to be read as 16.00 hrs. on 03.09.2018 at the office of the Deputy Chief Engineer/Construction-I/N. F. Railway, Maligaon.

4. Earnest Money published as Rs. 1,11,400.00 to be read as Rs. 1,11,380.00.

5. The complete information and Tender document of e-Tender will be available at www.ireps.gov.in. published as from 10.08.2018 to 01.09.2018 to be read as from 20.08.2018  to 03.09.2018.


6. Date and time for submission of Tender document published as from 10.08.2018 upto 14.30 hrs. of 01.09.2018 to be read as from 20.08.2018 upto 14.30 hrs. of 03.09.2018