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Corrigendum Details





Tender No.

Dy.CE/CON/B-S/water supply/Aizawl/April/2019/06


Name of the Work

Supply of potable water by truck or a tanker for a period of 2 years including filling in over head tanks of N.F. Railway’s (Construction) Officer’s & Subordinate’s Rest House at Aizawl & Sairang, Dy.CE’s/Camp/site office at Aizawl, Sairang & Khamrang etc. in connection with the construction of new BG Railway Line from Bairabi to Sairang(Mizoram).  

Corrigendum No.



Corrigendum Date



Corrigendum Description


TENDER NOTICE No. CON/B-S/2019/APR/06 Dated 30.05.2019

The following changes have been made in the Tender No. Dy.CE/CON/B-S/Water supply / Aizawl /April/2019/06 as published vide Tender Notice No. CON/B-S/2019/APR /06 Dated 30.05.2019.

Published as

Should be read as

Tender No.Dy.CE/CON/B-S/Water supply/ Aizawl/April/2019/06.

Para No. 1.Earnest Money: - Rs.120960/-.

Para No. 5. VALIDITY OF TENDER = 120 days from the date of opening.

Date & Time for submission of Tender document from 05.07.2019 upto 15:00 hrs. of 02.08.2019 and will be opened on 02.08.2019 at 16:00 hrs.

Tender No.DyCE/CON/B-S/W-S/2019/06.

Para No. 1.Earnest Money to be deposited:- Rs.121000.00.

Para No. 5. VALIDITY OF TENDER = 45 days from the date of opening.

Date & Time issue of Tender document from 09.07.2019 and received upto 14:30 hrs. of 23.07.2019 and will be opened on 23.07.2019 at 15:30 hrs.

For Details please Login:www.ireps.gov.in

All other terms & conditions remain unchanged.