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 Tender Details
 Tender No CE/CON/N-K/BLD/2016/29(RT-1)
 Name of the Work Construction of 64 unit Type-II(Double Storied), 04 unit Type-III Quarters, RBG Rooms, Passenger Platforms, Goods platforms, P/F shelters, FOB and all other ancillary works from Km:55.00 to Km: 84.00 (including Krishnai, Dudhnai and Amjonga Station yard) in connection with NBQ-KYQ BG Doubling Project. (Terminated contract/acceptance letter No.W/362/CON/N-K/Bldg. Work/2016/29 dated 18.04.2017.)
 Department Engineering (ENGG)
 Tender Type E-Tender
 Estimated Cost of the Work 243934828.09
 Earnest Money Deposit 1369680.00
 Cost of Tender Paper 10000.00
 Completion Period 730 Days
 Validity of Offers 120 Days
 Issue of Tender Documents 03/10/2017
 Receipt of Offers 17/10/2017 2:30:00 PM
 Tender Opening 17/10/2017 3:30:00 PM
 Notice Inviting Tenders (NIT)  Download