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 Tender Details
 Tender No CE/CON/A-S/MB/2018/07
 Name of the Work Balance work for constr uction of superstructure and erection of superstructure (Co mposite Girder) for 11 Nos. Major Bridges viz. Br. No. 255 at Km 78/009 (Span 1x18.30m), Br. No. 277 at Km 82/879 (span 2x18.30m), Br. No. 287 at Km 85/685 (span 1x18.30m), Br. No. 289 at Km 85/935 (span 1x18.30m), Br. No. 291 at Km 87/129 (span 1x18.30m), Br. No. 331 at Km 97/087 (span 1x18.30m), Br. No. 332 at Km 97/146 (span 1x18.30m), Br. No. 337 at Km 97/901 (span 2x18.30m), Br. No. 341 at Km 98/717 (span 1x18.30m), Br. No. 352 at Km 100/764 (span 1x18.30), Br. No. 377 at Km 107/218 (span 2x18.30m) on pile foundation and other ancillary works as per Railway approved drawing and specification for commissioning of Belonia - Sabroom section in connection with Agartala - Sabroom new BG Line project.
 Department Engineering (ENGG)
 Tender Type E-Tender
 Estimated Cost of the Work 232969205.91
 Earnest Money Deposit 1314850.00
 Cost of Tender Paper 10000.00
 Completion Period 150 Days
 Validity of Offers 60 Days
 Issue of Tender Documents 03/08/2018
 Receipt of Offers 17/08/2018 2:30:00 PM
 Tender Opening 17/08/2018 3:30:00 PM
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 Corrigendum Details  
 Corrigendum No. 01
 Corrigendum Date 18/07/2018
 Corrigendum Details Details