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 Tender Details
 Tender No CE/CON/D-H/TL/2018/11/RT-1
 Name of the Work Linking of BG track with 52 Kg SH/ 60kg (new) single /long welded panels(10 rails/20 rails) with 1660 nos PSC sleeper per Km in main line and 52kg single/ three rails /10 rails/20 rails welded panels with 1540 nos PSC sleeper per km in loop lines including linking of 1 in 12 ,1 in 8.5 and derailing switches on PSC sleepers (Fan shaped layout), laying of SEJs etc... , dismantling of BG track, points & crossings and other ancillary works from km 118.00 to km 146.00 in between LPN and HJI including KWM yard and excluding HJI yard in connection with DGU-HJI patch doubling works .
 Department Engineering (ENGG)
 Tender Type E-Tender
 Estimated Cost of the Work 200975557.21
 Earnest Money Deposit 1154900.00
 Cost of Tender Paper 10000.00
 Completion Period 540 days
 Validity of Offers 60 days.
 Issue of Tender Documents 29/03/2019
 Receipt of Offers 12/04/2019 2:30:00 PM
 Tender Opening 12/04/2019 3:30:00 PM
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